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Please note: the Office is now open until 6PM on Wednesdays!!!

Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes are due by  9/15/2021 to avoid interest accruing.
Taxes can be paid


The Town of Garland is looking to fill the following vacancies:
Planning Board- 1 member
Budget Committee- 1 member
Please stop in the Town Office or call for details of the positions


The Planning Board will be holding an additional meeting this month on September 29, 2021, at 6:00 pm at the Garland Community Center



  1.  Approval of minutes of 9/14/21

  2.  Any official correspondence

  3. Broadband Grant Work Session

  4.  Public participation

  5. Adjournment



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The Crosby Community Band has rescheduled a free concert for Thursday September 2, 2021 at the Town Field on the Oliver Hill Rd at 6:00 pm. Grab a chair or a blanket and come enjoy the music. 4

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