Tax Assessor

TBD - Select Board is currently filling this role


Inquiry replies are typically within 7-10 days.

Office Hours:

Second Wednesday of the month,

1:00pm-6:00pm, or by appointment

The revaluation by Parker Associates finished looking at all properties by mid-October and entered their preliminary values in the computer. In early spring, they will revisit any properties where the owners reported changes or where construction was ongoing. Maine law sets April 1 as the date fixed for determing what can be assessed on each property.

The next step is to adjust any preliminary values to sales data, so as to get as close to market value as possible. Around June, each taxpayer will get a mailing that will show their new assessed values, and appointment times set aside for any questions concerning those values. IMPORTANT - This is NOT your tax bill! In a typical revaluation, particularly in a town where there hasn't been one in a long time, the valuations go up, but the tax rate goes down. The tax rate is set by dividing the amount needed to be raised by the total valuation of the Town.

So why go to all this trouble? First, all the properties have been looked at in the same time frame, instead of over years, so their values can be much more equal. Second, the State of Maine sets a value for each town and also a minimum percentage the town must reach. It is weighted so that a rating of close to 100% results in more money coming back to the Town. This figure tends to go up each year; in 2020, for example, about a 18% increase.

I will continue to give updates as I get more info. The best way to reach me is or leave me a message at the Town Office, and I will get back to you.

Tim Breen